Wednesday, March 30, 2016

concrete jungle



i had cambios




the city


santiago centro


we had 9 lessons yesterday and they were every single one in an apartment

there are no houses

there are no doors

only buildings 

and intercoms

and cold hard pavement

The view from Hna Schomburg's new apartment.

hahaha, so yeah, I'm in the ward Compañía in the stake Huelen with my new companion Hermana Molina from Mexico!!!

I LOVE MEXICANS SO MUCH I AM SO EXCITED THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST THING EVER IN FOREVER and there is another companionship in our ward that has Hermana Mardones from Argentina and Hermana Rivero also from Mexico and yesterday during our dinner hour they were like 'we heard a rumor that you carry ají with you always' 

and i pulled out my bottle of tabasco

and they Mexican screamed (i'm not saying that being horribly uncultured, i'm saying it because they have a scream in Mexico that they do like real life and they did the scream)

Hermana Molina is from Chihuahua and is 20 like me and has a couple months more than i do in the mission and has been in this sector for like 6 months, but it's her second to last cambio so we're going to see if we stay together for 2... but anyway sooooooo


but I had been feeling for quite a while that the Lord had another place that he needed me to go, and it must have been the spirit getting me ready, because now I am here in Compañía and I am SO PUMPED to get to work. I love it so much already :D and I LOVE HERMANA MOLINA. She's amazing. We are going to SACAR LA MUGRE this cambio, I already know it. 

I was feeling really quite odd with the cambios and everything because there wasn't a good logical reason to take me out of Curacaví; I hadn't been there for long, and Hna Petramalo also left Curacaví and they put elders in the other sector and moved one of those hermanas to my old sector and it was all just crazy and it seemed so much more logical to just keep me there since i already know the sector and the people and teach it to somebody else and for a while Satan tried to tell me it was because i had done something wrong or because i wasnt qualified to be there or something

but as soon as I saw my picture with Hna Molina's in Compañía, I knew, I just KNEW that that is what the Lord had been preparing for me and that I need to be here right now. Now, who knows what'll happen tomorrow, maybe I'll be here for a week and they'll take me out again, but I know that right now in this moment, where I am is where I need to be and with whom I need to be and I am SOSOSOSO grateful that I am here. I just have got a really good feeling about this. I am very excited to see what happens and what the Lord wants to teach me this transfer.

Hna Schomburg and Hna Molina

Hna Petramalo by the way is now in Quilicura with another gringa misionera that just left her training; I am sure that she is going to learn a ton ;)

and what else can i tell you?

just basically that I cried SO MUCH when I left curacaví... and I havent cried that much in a while. That ward is SO special; all of the people, all of everything. I am very blessed to have been able to serve there for 3 months. I learned a type of Christ-like love that I have never before felt. I love love LOVE the people of Chile; I love the people of that ward and I love the Lord and give thanks every day that he has given me such wonderful opportunities here in the mission to meet and love new people and a new culture and to do things I never would have done otherwise and finding new treasures of knowledge that I never would have found. The Lord is amazing! He does amazing things! I love the Lord!

And well, that is my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

and now, i dont have more time to write because i need to send some pictures, so i'm signing off; until next week!


Hna Schomburg's zone

The District
No explanation for the hats. :)

District Hernamas

Hermanas again with Paulo - the ward mission leader

Hna Schomburg in Curacavi


Hna Schomburg loves the sky

Saying, "Good bye,"

More goofy good byes.

Last Family Home Evening in Curacavi

All the love. 

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