Tuesday, April 12, 2016

who pressed the mute button


i heard that

my house flooded this week

literally what



[No need to freak out, but indeed, the house did flood: kitchen, dining room, and basement.  We're looking at several weeks for mitigation and remediation as they dry everything out, replace the hardwood on the main level, and replace the carpet, walls, and ceiling in the basement.  This too shall pass...]

but okay anyway, let's talk about this week

this week we had zone conference and it was super awesome and also i got the chance to go to church here in my new ward for the first time and meet everybody! But a whole bunch of people werent there actually because Peruvian elections were on Sunday and all the Peruvians had to go vote and stuff and there are a lot of people from Peru in my ward, so I didnt meet everybody, but I met a lot of people and it was great! 

What else happened... 

haha, i always think of so many things that i have to tell you guys during the week and then when it comes time to write i have NO CLUE WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE WEEK. 

but i do know ONE thing that happened this week

well, on Saturday night i started to feel a little bit of a scratch in my throat and i thought, 'better start cuidándome [taking care of me] more so i dont get sick' but hahaha I WAS TOO LATE so on sunday i was feeling REAL NOT GOOD and then


we started the day and it was all good but then i had a prophetic revelation (no apostasy intended) 

i stopped on the sidewalk and said to hna molina 'i'm going to lose my voice today' 

and by the end of the day i could no longer speak even though my throat didnt hurt or anything, just i couldnt speak

and actually


i still cant speak

i feel like the little mermaid or something, but oh well. these things happen. Hna Videla said she's going to get me some antibiotics because she thinks i might have

a thing

and i couldnt tell ya what the thing is that she thinks i have because lol it's a spanish medical term and i understand almost 100% of spanish but medical terms

i dont even know english medical terms how do you expect me to remember a spanish one

but anyway so there's that

it's been really entertaining

we had a lesson with a slightly drunk man yesterday (it's a long story) and he kept insisting that i talk but all that came out were like man-bear sounds hahaha but yeah

it's quite frustrating actually. you all know how much i like to talk and also it's kind of in the job description, but it's kind of IMPOSSIBLE for me right now so yeah that's a struggle but hey, it cant all be rainbows and butterflies; sometimes it has to be floods and mute-ness so that we can learn to appreciate more what we have while we have it and so that we can recognize more fully the hand of God in our lives. Opposition is vital in our lives and the more i go along learning things here in the mission the more that i appreciate the role that opposition has in my life. If we all stayed in the same place all the time doing the same things without any problems or loses or wins, we would never learn anything and we would all just be robots with skin

dont be a robot with skin

learn from mistakes! use the atonement and repent! find the joy in every moment, even the bad ones! be happy! or be sad! i dont know, but pick one! and learn from it! and realize that it's better to be happy and then just keep being happy! 

I love the gospel; I love the Lord; I love the mission; I love my family (like a ton). Keep on keeping on everybody, no matter what situation you're in in this moment. It'll all be okay; say a prayer and get to work! The Lord will be working at your side. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.



Such a nerd - self-professed even!

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