Wednesday, April 27, 2016

peace and love

Well, this week has been super awesome and has gone very fast and very slow at the same time but there have been so many things that have happened

it is starting to get cold

i am here wearing a jacket and a scarf and things because it is cold

also it rains sometimes

also we are seeing more and more advertisments for the new avengers movie

or captain america movie whatever the heck it is we keep seeing more advertisements

and we're dying

i've missed like

400000000000 MARVEL MOVIES

but it's fine it doesnt matter i'm not affected by it at all it doesnt drive me to do stupid things with my companion like paint our faces like iron man and captain america and do laundry

but anyway

to more important things

this week was great and i had exchanges on wednesday, so i went and spent the day in Simon Bolivar and we hung out and did some missionary work and ate some spicy mexican food because one of my hermana leaders is also mexican

View in Simon Bolivar
(an area - not the military leader)

and then on thursday we did some things as well and i told a really funny joke that nobody got 

it was so good

why didnt they get it

and then on friday we worked and worked and worked 

and then on saturday we were teaching a little boy and we asked him 'where did you live before this life?' and he goes 

'me?' and we say 'yes' and he says 'oh, i lived in conce' which is the abbreviation of concepcion which is another city in chile and it was just really funny and i think i've just told the second joke that people arent going to think is funny for this week

dangit jim i'm a missionary not a comedian 

Dangit, Jim! I'm a missionary, not a comedian.

and then on sunday guess what happened

just guess


we sang in sacrament meeting 'A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief' and also i had to direct the hymns in sacrament because the chorister didnt show up and it all just felt so much like being at home that it made me feel weird

but it was great :) it's been a great week

i have learned a lot of things and even though maybe nothing super big and special happened, we did a lot of missionary work and i enjoyed the week and we also goofed off and also made food and also just are always running so it was really good.


Makin' empanadas

it's always ALWAYS ALWAYS important to find happiness in everything that we do and the easiest way to do that is by living the gospel. If we live the gospel; if we live the principles we teach, we will be able to find peace and happiness in every single moment, whether you're eating bolivian posole (EXQUISITO) or running around with water sloshing in your boots; laughing with your companion or running up 7 flights of stairs, you can find peace in every moment of every day. Maybe not always happiness, but always always peace. I testify of this gospel and the blessings it brings to families and to individuals and I testify of the healing power of the Atonement. I testify of our Savior´s great sacrifice and I testify of God's plan for us and our divine identity as children of Him. I testify that if we live the principles we know, we will find all that we are looking for. Whether it be through our trials or our triumphs, the Lord is always with us and that i leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Have a wonderful week, enjoy the premier of the avengers movie for us, dont forget to pray and read your scriptures and go to church and remember


ACTITUD MENTAL POSITIVA [positive mental attitude]

hut hut


lots of love from the country that is shaped like a chile

and is called chile




[sometimes the photos come with no explanation :) And see below for updated mailing information. ]

Dear Missionaries and Families,

We have decided that we only need to have one address for delivery of both letters and packages for our mission.  We will be using the building address for delivery of all mail for the mission and the missionaries. 

Starting immediately, please ONLY use the following address for sending any and all letters, mail and packages.   If you have already mailed packages to the other address (Patronato post office box), we will still be receiving them for a while.  However please do not mail any further letters or packages to that address.

The current and correct address is:
Mission Chile Santiago North
Maria Graham 312
8420164 Recoleta
Región Metropolitana Santiago

Please note this address for any future correspondences and/or packages.

Thank you,
Hermana Harrison

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