Tuesday, February 16, 2016


We don't talk about my tan line no no no

helloooooooooooooooooo everybody
this week was so interesting and just
this week we had to go into Santiago a whole bunch to do Hna Petramalo's trámites [processing], or... like the stuff so she can get her carnet... her... legalness card [registration card so that she can be in the country] and visa stuff haha, so yeah. We had to go into Santiago two days to do that.
This week has seemed so long. And I think it has to do with how much we were in our sector. Because we basically didn't have very much time at ALL to work in our sector, so everything we did seemed to take billions of years. I find when I'm working, time passes faster.
But anyway, so Tuesday was p-day and I don't remember what we did... and Wednesday we had district class and then we went back to the sector and had a couple lessons with a couple of people and then on Thursday we went and did trámites and then on Friday we went and did trámites and then on Saturday we had to get the church all 100% ready and everything and we had to clean ALL OF THE CHAIRS (we don't have pews, we only have chairs, and the chapel works as the cultural hall as well, that's how it is a lot in this stake) because they were yucky
just think of all the butts that have sat on the church chairs
we cleaned them all
and so yeah we did that and we have to buy our fruits and veggies from the feria [fair,market] on Saturday  mornings so we did that after and then we had rehearsal for the choir we did in the afternoon and it took forever, but we managed to squeeze a couple of lessons in between feria and choir and the night time and then on Sunday there was a baptism and presidente went and stuff so we stayed extra time afterwards and then we worked the afternoon and night away and we talked with some of our investigators, A and F and they accepted a baptismal date! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
but we still are struggling to find people that want to listen to us. Which seems so silly because it seems like there are so many people and we talk with EVERYBODY but... well, who knows. I'm just gonna keep working and doing my part and improving in everything I do and follow the Lord's timing. He knows a bit more than I do, so, I'll let him take care of it.
and what else...
did I say I was going to talk about last week?
because I forgot what happened last week, hahahaha
BUT THIS WEEK WHEN WE CAME TO DO TRÁMITES we went and had food at a Colombian restaurant
and it was so wonderful
I love Colombia
I'm going to live there
I could live on arepas [corn cakes]
but anyway what else
I'm kinda boring this week
I'm becoming more Chilena every week and learning how to make Chilean foods and stuff
but what else

I have no clue what else I can tell you people this week, it literally has been such a long/short week and nothing of importance happened... OH WAIT
I SAW HERMANA CABRERA AGAIN AND SHE'S TRAINING I HAVE A "GRANDDAUGHTER" [in the mission that means that a sister she trained is now a trainer]
I am too young to have grandchildren
wait did I already say that
I feel like I said that the last time but
maybe not
have no clue
but anyway, also I heard that Tata has had a couple of heart attacks in the last weeks and is not doing super well :S but we'll see what happens
I guess I just only have to tell you all that the gospel is true, no matter what the people say and Jesus Christ is our Savior and he lives. And that is the simple truth, and I will never deny that. I love this church and even though it's difficult, I love the mission too :) I love teaching the people; I love helping them, I love telling people that Jesus loves them because HE REALLY DOES and too many people don't know it. JESUS LOVES YOU ALL. And that is my simple testimony for this week and I share it in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
hopefully my next week is more exciting
but not too exciting
because tranquilo is safer, haha
but anyway

Jesus blessing the children
Jesus Loves You

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