Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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lol that's not all that matters but basically lol our mission leader called us this morning before we left and was like 'the Broncos won the superbowl' AND I SCREAMED AND SCREAMED AND SCREAMED AND SCREAMED AND I AM SO HAPPY HOLY CANNOLI I AM SO HAPPY

but anyway

let me tell you a little bit about this week


i already dont remember what happened this week


we had exchanges on Tuesday and I went to be in Los Mares with Hna Lopez and Hna Nielson for the day and it was way fun and somebody guessed my age

want to know how old they thought i was?



like what the heck literally wha-

but then a little boy later told me 'you look just like an angel' and that made it better

and we also surprise cleaned a lady's house and it was really great... and then... i dont remember what else happened now. I've forgotten everything. It was such a long week and such a short week at the same time. 

well, we had a noche de hogar [home night - family home eveningwith one of our investigators and she really is doing great; she is progressing so much. She was a referral from our mission leader; her name is *Anna, but we started visiting her and she wants to get baptized and is so excited to go to church

and by that i mean to say

that also they announced on sunday


but anyway

Anna is so great and she just... she's just so great. We're very grateful to have found her and to have the privilege to teach her. 

Also, we have an investigator named *Joana, and Joana has a husband that is invalid and has been restrained to his bed for 4 years and she has to do everything for him, but she likes when we visit her, but she doesnt have any intentions to keep going in the church or to go to church or anything, but she doesnt have anybody else; it's just her and her husband and she doesnt leave the house for anything, so we visit her as a sort of service and sing with her and read the book of mormon and all that, but the last time we went, we first went and bought her bread because she needed some and then we sang and then we read the book of mormon and in the end we asked her to say the prayer, but she doesnt like to ever say the prayer either, so Hna Petramalo said the last prayer and then suddenly, when she finished, Joana started to pray and it was a really beautiful prayer and when she was done she thanked us and she said, 'I know the Holy Spirit is here with us. I can feel it; I can feel it in my heart and on my skin' and she had goosebumps and stuff and it just

it was really special and at the same time frustrating because she FELT THE SPIRIT AND SHE KNOWS THAT WE WERE SENT AND CALLED BY GOD but also because SHE FELT THE SPIRIT AND KNOWS THAT WE WERE SENT AND CALLED BY GOD BUT SHE 







everybody just needs to ACT on what they feel; that's where verdadera intención comes into play.

There was an article in the Liahona called Verdadera Intención (Real Intent), and that would be to what i am referring and also Moroni 10:4 and also just yeah everything that has to do with that. 

It is so important to do things with a purpose. If not, why are we doing them? We talked with a man on our exchanges that said that the point of life is to be a good person and that was all and i was like 

but why

para que

why do we do this? why are we good people? why do we do these things if there is no reason to do them? 

it makes me think a lot about the plan of salvation. We have such a privilege to know of the plan of salvation; to know that we have a purpose here on the earth and it's something bigger than only this life. There is more involved. We dont just get born and then live a good life and then die. What would happen to our spirits? What would happen to... me? To my essence? To whatever you want to call it from a not church perspective? What would my life serve to have done? What's the point?

Thankfully, we have the answer.

We know why we are here; we know where we came from; we know where we are going. I existed before this life! I did! Me! My alma! (reading this over i realize that that is a spanish word... and it means 'soul' lol sorry) I am a spiritual being; an eternal being that existed before this life and that will exist after this life too!

And so are all of you.

We are God's most important creation. 

You, whoever you are that is reading this, you are God's most treasured possession. You have worth! You have a purpose! You are an eternal being and that's why all this matters; because this life isnt the end, nor is it the beginning. 

We dont just get born and then get dead. 

We chose to come here. I did. My very self; my very spirit that is inside of my body, my very ME chose to come here. And so did your very YOU that is what makes you you. And while I am here, I need to behave myself because you better believe that just as surely as there was a before and there is a now, there will be an after and we have got to be prepared for that, because my very ME and your very YOU are going to have a very eternal home and it very much counts on our choices that we make in this life and the things that we do. That's why we're good people. That's why we follow Christ. That's why. Because we don't have a whole lot of time here in the whole big scheme of ALL OF TIME AND ETERNITY so we better get a move on! We dont have any time to lose! We've got to realize who we are, what we are doing here, and get working RIGHT AWAY. 

And those of us who know have got to help everybody else to do the same BECAUSE WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. We are all important and special and children of God and God wants us ALL to get back to him. 

and (get ready for a really hipster phrase)

we are infinite

so GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE. We're not just here for kicks and giggles; this is serious eternal salvation stuff here! 

that's not to say that kicks and giggles are not allowed tho lol we all need kicks and giggles 

but just remember that we also have a very important job while we are here. 

God loves us! He loves my very me and your very you! And he has a plan. We just have to keep going! And keep doing things! And keep acting on our faith! And that big weird blob of somewhat spiritual things is what i have to share with you all today and I do it in the name of Jesus Christ, the one who made all this possible, amen.

Also yesterday the gear plate on my bike stabbed me in the foot and i started bleeding and went a little bit into shock and almost fainted and and it was so funny and the whole time Christian didnt believe me and Diego was feeding me icecream and asking 'you está good?' and Alan was quoting a conference talk about the Atonement by Elder Holland and it was just a big chaos but dont worry i am okay now

do not worry 

more details at another time because I'M OUT OF TIME

but anyway

love you all so much



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