Wednesday, June 8, 2016

spiritually minded is life eternal

On top of the world

this week has been a week of miracles and a week of laughter and also a week of a bit of pain and concern. 

let's start with the light things! 

or should i start with the heavy?

let's start with the heavy actually

well, we have an investigator that is REALLY AWESOME and he was really quite alcoholic but he stopped drinking 3 months ago. he has been going to church for a LONG TIME; he is just only waiting for a few government papers so he can get baptized, but anyway he went to church on sunday as usual and we fijar-ed (i dont remember the word) [set-up] an appointment for yesterday

and when we showed up only his wife was there and we asked how she was and she said 'bad. [name] went out drinking again' 


we're working on that again...

I'm not super worried, I understand that addictions take more than one fell swoop to get over for the most part, but it would be nice if we could get some extra prayers for him and his family. 

okay, let's talk less heavy now

today we went to Cerro San Cristobal! and we went up and i got to walk through my old sector Los Olivos again! we were going to go to Portillo, but then it snowed TOO MUCH and they closed it :/

but hey, it's okay, we went to San Cristobal and I got to walk through Los Olivos!

we took photos

On the tram - or as she calls it the "thingy."

Yay! Fun!


it was gr9


what else even has happened

i could tell you a bunch of stories of funny things that happened but you probably wouldnt laugh because i'm realizing more and more that what a missionary finds funny is not the same as what the rest of the world finds funny

but i can put down a couple of things like when...

1. i filled the ¿hervidor? [kettle] to the rim with water without realizing it so when it started to boil the water started JUMPING OUT OF THE THING AND FLOODING THE APARTMENT

2. some crazy people (but like really and truly crazy) started yelling at us in the street

3. María and Cesar and Jesús gave us little cactuses :) (that one's not funny it's just really really happy -- i'm taking suggestions for names; i have two little cactuses and one is going to have a baby and the other also is expecting :) )

i was going to put down more but they just wouldnt make sense i'm sorry

maybe one day

one day

oh YEAH i should mention that i had intercambios this week and i was with

drum roll please


Hermana Paulson!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it was SO FUN we havent been in the same zone or really spoken since the CCM


a year ago

holy cannoli

more than a year ago

but anyway, so it was way fun and we told stories and did missionary work but this time when we were in lessons we knew what to say and how to say it in spanish and it was so fun! It was so happy and great :D

also this week it decided to rain

and rain

and rain

and be SO COLD

and we worked IGUAL [equal - just as hard] because we are STRONG INDEPENDENT YOUNG WOMEN 

so that was super fun. super cold. way fun. gr9


it was so great

we started a fast on Saturday and asked specifically to be able to find new investigators and by the end of the day we had found 5!! DO FASTS BECAUSE THEY'RE REALLY GREAT AND WORK 10/10 WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

and this week we have been really focusing on our attitudes because of a class the bishop gave a couple weeks ago

he talked about how we 


did i already talk about this?

all the weeks blur together

what day is it?

what year?

where am i?

who am i?

okay but anyway, we have been trying to change our attitudes. the preparation for a good day starts before we even wake up. we have to go to bed thinking the night before 'tomorrow is going to be a good day' and if we think like that, we are guaranteed to have a good day, no matter what happens. if we look inside rather than outside, we will find a better solution to our problems. a lot of the times we think that the problems are outside of ourselves, but problems start in our own minds. it's not a problem until we think it's a problem. so let's all think positive this week and think inwards to find what it is that we're doing wrong that makes us think everybody else is wrong. let's follow the example of the Savior and humble ourselves and look for solutions, not excuses. Let's study a little better the life of Jesus Christ and figure out what it is that he did that we're not doing. But dont feel discouraged when you realize that there's A WHOLE TON OF THINGS, take a deep breath, choose one, and fix it. And smile! Put it in your head that it's going to be a good day and dont let anybody change that. Put it in your head that you're going to follow the example of Jesus Christ and dont let anybody change that. Say your prayers, read the scriptures, go to church, smile! There's some scripture somewhere that says 'spiritually minded is life eternal' and i only remember that part because the letters at the beginning of the words spell SMILE! Think more spiritually! Be happier! Put the Lord first and he'll put you first!

I know this gospel is true; I know that God loves us; I know that Christ lives and that he is our Savior and Redeemer and that every single one of us can return to see and live with him again if we so desire, and if we act on those desires. Of that i testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

that's all for now folks




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