Wednesday, June 22, 2016


"Us with a flaite pig in our sector."

that's how I feel about this week

but not in an entirely bad way

a little bit in a bad way and a little bit in a good way :)

let me explain

oh wait, let me explain first that that's the hymn 'Be Thou Humble' and the translation of the first line there is 'be humble, recognize all your weaknesses'

this week has been a very humbling week, not only with what has happened to me, but also with what I have just heard from my family. Maybe one day I'll have time to tell you all the reasons why i have been humbled this week, but right now I'll only say a couple

well, so there's a story with the first one

So, one day this week we went to a building where half the ward [congregation] lives to look for a few people. The consierge (is that how you spell it... I don't know... how...) that's in the lobby is one of our good friends and we're always leaving them pamphlets and things to read and we always invite them to go to church but they insist that they are too wicked to go, but anyway, so we started talking with one of them that had actually been reading the pamphlet about the Restoration and we were talking about all kinds of things and explaining Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and everything when he started talking about some weird facts from the Bible about Peter... but I didn't really know what he was talking about and I had never read nor heard of that part of the Bible, so I told him, 

I'm sorry, I don't have a clue what you're talking about, but we'll investigate a little more so that we can figure it out

and he looks at me and says

'sister, how much time do you have in the mission?'

and I was like

'15 months'

and he made a surprised face and said 

'you've only got 3 months left then. and you don't know about this? have you really done your job as a missionary? I would be worried if I were you'

and I was like

well really mad for a second like what the HECK DUDE and then afterwards, let's be honest, even though I know that what he said was NADA QUE VER [nothing to do] but it made me think and it made me think badly about myself, like humility but in a bad way

so I started to think and think and think and think

and I thought

'have I done my job? if I don't know about things like that and haven't studied the Bible enough to know, have I really done my job as a missionary?'

but then I remembered something that Hermana Videla told us in a letter one week. She told us that we youth are called as missionaries not only because we're young and can work and don't have families to support and all that, but also 

because we're basically the most unintelligent beings on the planet

if you can't already tell by my horrible grammar

and we have all these weird hormones and we've got weird stuff going on in our heads and we have the whole rest of our lives in front of us and like a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF and confusion and insecurity and okay-ish hygiene

I don't think any of those things are words but it doesn't matter it just makes my point even clearer

THE POINT IS, we are probably the WORST candidates that God could have chosen to spread his gospel, but he chose us igual [anyway]


because it doesn't matter what we know; it doesn't matter how fast we can walk, how good we speak the language, none of that matters, because our God is a God of miracles; he is the all powerful and he can make a good tool out of anything. 

I by myself am not the sharpest tool in the shed, no, and neither is anybody else, but when we put ourselves in the Lord's hands and give our heart and our hands to Him, he can make us into the perfect tool to help His sons and daughters to return to live with Him again. 

And that's something that not only we as missionaries have to know, but it is also something that will surely astound all those learned people out there; that somebody as insignificant and silly as a 18, 19, 20 year old, when left in the hands of God, can become a representative of His Son, Jesus Christ, and bring people unto the gospel.

The district at cambios

I am immensely grateful for this opportunity that I have to be a missionary, and I would also like to send a shout out to ALL THE MISSIONARIES IN THE WORLD and especially the missionaries from my ward at home. Every one of you is an answer to a prayer somewhere; the missionaries from my ward are an answer to my prayers and I hope to do the same here. I hope to always be able to give my whole self to the Lord for the good of His children here in Santiago Chile. 

I love the gospel, I love the mission; I have a testimony of the blessings of the temple and of the eternal nature of the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. Sometimes we don't understand what he has planned, but we dont always have to understand; we have only to act righteously and according to what he wants and He will be free to bless us with much more than we can even imagine. I testify of Christ; I know that he lives and I am privileged to be able to wear his name over my heart. And this I leave with you in his holy name, even Jesus Christ, amen.


i didnt actually end up saying a lot of the experiences that I've had this week, but just know that they were pretty good for the most part! I LOVE YOU ALL AND I AM ALWAYS PRAYING FOR YOU AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK



also we didnt have changes; I'm still here for a month and a half more at the least with Hna García :D

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