Wednesday, September 30, 2015

amo la misión

[i love the mission]

okay so

the memory card of my camera has been


and so I can't send pictures anymore hahahahaha but I have a lot of pictures and I promise you will see a lot of pictures in 11ish months hahaha and hopefully I can work something out before that but anyway just so you know

you guys are gonna freak out when you see how long my hair is 

i kind of freak out every time i see myself in the mirror like WHAT HAPPENED WHO IS THAT GRINGA WITH THE LONG HAIR it's getting to the length that there are TANGLES and it HURTS ME and i am remembering WHY I CUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE 

but anyway

OH i should explain that I didnt write yesterday because we have now changed our 6th p-day of every cambio to tuesday so that we can go to the temple!

and speaking of, I went to the temple today! And did the work for a woman from Hungary and it was really awesome. I LOVE THE TEMPLE SO MUCH 10/10 WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND

But anyway, this last week... i forgot what we did again I am sorry i am not very good at remembering. We work a lot and do a lot of teaching and a lot of working and walking and talking and teaching and helping and things and it makes me forget all the little things that we've done... oh yes, about the earthquake, there have been some pretty strong replicas (i do not know what the word is okay) and actually, as of Wednesday, there had been 600 some replicas. It's super fun, hahaha. But I'm already Chilena. A couple days ago there was a really strong one in the night but it didnt wake me up in the slightest and my companion was like 'HERMANA SCHOMBURG' and had to shake me awake haha actually maybe that is not a good thing


We also had interviews with President and Hermana Videla this week and they were really great.

and also, we are teaching a whole lot of people from Haiti now.

Like... A WHOLE LOT. We found a door in our sector that leads to a maze of rooms that have been rented out (that's how a lot of people live here, in a single room) and every time we knock it to find somebody that we've already contacted, there's somebody new and so now we're teaching a WHOLE BUNCH OF HAITIANS and it's really great :) they're very humble, but also very hard to teach because most of them dont quite speak Spanish... and by that I mean, pretty much none of them speak any spanish, but they speak a little bit of English sometimes and we are learning more french every time that we go, so that's all cool! 

i dont think i say this often enough, but I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love being able to talk with anybody and everybody and share something with them that makes me so so happy :) I love helping people; in the street, in our apartment building, in the subway, I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE. if you are ever having a mas o menos [so-so] kind of day, find somebody to serve because I guarantee you that it will make you feel a whole heck of a lot better. And also i love my Mexican companion. She puts Valentina hot sauce on everything.

Literally everything.

This is not a joke or an exaggeration, we had oranges with valentina the other day (10/10 WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and have you ever put Valentina on popcorn? because if not you should rethink your life. and priorities.

BUT BACK TO THE SUBJET, SORRY (the 'c' on this keyboard doesnt work very well haha so uh get over it) 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. and yes it is VERY difficult, but it is the most rewarding thing that i have ever done. And maybe you're saying 'but Hermana Schomburg, you havent even had a baptism yet' and to be honest, sometimes i think that too, but it only takes one lesson to help me remember that this mission isnt about baptisms. This mission is the mission of the Lord, to bring people to salvation, to bring them to Christ, this mission isnt about numbers; it's about people, real life people with real life problems and I have the privilege to talk with them every day and help them find the peace and security of the gospel. I cant imagine any privilege better than to share with somebody the joy that I have found. 

I love this gospel with all my heart and testify of its truthfulness. Jesus Christ and God really do love us and there really is a plan for every single one of us. We are children of God and he only wants us to be happy; but not the kind of happy that the world gives us, rather, the joy and peace that can only come from a higher power. i know this church is true! And this testimony i bear in the name of our Savior and Redeemer, our Brother, Jesus Christ, amen.

(side note: one of the people i was teaching in my last sector got baptized on Sunday :3) 

now real quick, a short list of things

-every lunch that we had this week, no matter where, the cat jumped on my lap #catmagnet
-no matter how well you speak spanish, if you're a gringo NOBODY BELIEVES YOU (i had an entire conversation with somebody in spanish and in the end they asked where i was from and i said 'los estados unidos' and she slowed down and was like 'DO YOU UNDERSTAND SPANISH??')
-i forgot to mention that i love tomatoes now and i know that is hard to believe but i LITERALLY LOVE TOMATOES SO MUCH THE LEGENDS OF SALADS JUST ONLY OF TOMATOES ARE TRUE AND I LOVE THE TOMATO SALADS THE TOMATOES THO THEY ARE SO GOOD LITERALLY WHY DIDNT ANYBODY TELL ME [I'm pretty sure I have told her for her entire life. :) ]
-i'm trying to remember if i've eaten anything really weird but i think that i still havent had anything too weird but i think that maybe actually i have and i'm just used to it now so i dont realize... i feel like that has happened witha lot of things... but anyway
-a man, upon learning how much time i have been here and that i am only 19 called me a booger
-literally he called me a booger in spanish what the heck

WELL FOLKS THAT'S ALL THE TIME I HAVE BUT LET'S TALK ANOTHER TIME LIKE IN A WEEK MAS O MENOS QUE ESTEN SUPER BIEN LES AMO MUCHISIMO CUIDENSE [Honestly, it doesn't translate very well but basically says that she loves everyone so much and to take care -ISH haha]


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