Monday, August 24, 2015

I'VE LEFT THE COOP er nest what even is that phrase what is english

The view from the apartment in the new area





and I am now in the ward Vivaceta! Which is also in the same stake as before! AND I HAVE A NEW COMPANION FROM MEXICO: HERMANA ALONSO! And, unfortunately, I'm killing her :/ this is her last transfer before she leaves, but I already know that we're going to SACAR LA MUGRE [remove the dirt] and have a whole bunch of fun this cambio. She is so WONDERFUL :D but also, we are opening Vivaceta 2nd Ward, haha, she was in a different ward before so we've both just arrived and we just kind of wandered around for a whole lot of time trying to find a place to do internet and all that and it has been an adventure. This week is going to be GR9 [gr9 is one better then gr8] AND WE ARE GOING TO GET LOST SO MANY TIMES HAHAHA YES

Hermana Alonso and Hermana Schomburg

For those of you wondering about my feet, we have been on reposo... rest... is that the word? I have no clue. But anyway, we have been on a bit of reposo and last week we went to have special arch supports made at a special place outside the mission and they should arrive on Thursday and everything will be great again and we will work and work and work and work and BAPTIZE

Speaking of, we had CUALQUIER persona with baptismal dates in Los Olivos and they should (most of them) get baptized this cambio! SO THAT'S REALLY COOL and a little bit of a bummer that I won't be there, but all the elders and Hermana Ferrin promised me to send pictures. So... that

What else...

This week we had ward conference in our ward and it was really great! We had a talent show on Friday and I sang with Matias 'Beauty and the Beast' the song thing tale as old as time but in spanish


that was an adventure


And then sang divina luz while Hermana Ferrin played the piano. ALL OF IT WAS SO AMAZING. AND THEY ALL PLAY GUITAR LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS AND I HAD SEVERAL MOMENTS OF REALLY BEING LIKE 'holy cannoli i'm in chile i am in south america i am in a different country and i am speaking the spanish i speak the spanish i do the things i am doing the missionary literally what even' BUT SO YEAH THAT WAS MY WEEK AND NOW I'M HEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE IN VIVACETA 2 WOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I AM SO EXCITED TO OPEN THIS SECTOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRR

but anyway

LOVE YOU ALL TALK TO YOU NEXT WEEK CCCCCCCCCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (also, i am aware that everybody here spells it 'chao' but it just doesnt feel right i just like the italian way better)

Elder Adcock's birthday cake


Santiago North hermanas activity



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