Tuesday, July 7, 2015

spanglish tho

How does the beginning of this week find me, my mother asks? WELL, it finds me in an internet place writing emails :) I apologize for not writing yesterday, we changed our P-Day to Tuesday (just only for this week) because we are having an hermana activity together today and doing fun things in museums and stuff, so, we had to change our P-Day. But just for this week. 

SO, cosas [things] that we did this week:

I don't even remember. I just know that I am pretty much 100% drained. I just am feeling... tired. Geez louise, what a tiring experience a mission is. 

Alright, let me try to remember some things that we did this week.

Monday: we literally didn't do anything because there was a partido [soccer match] so once we were done with P-Day (which was just only packing and working on fixing our carpeta [folder] because we're changing our mini sectors) we just went home and planned and then sat and listened to the entire world cheer as we didn't watch the partido. que pena [shame] :S 

Tuesday: Well, we visited the hermana that called us and told us she was going inactive and we talked and she has more... I'm not sure how to translate this into english... she has more ganas [desire] to go to church, haha... ganas... that's like... she... UGH I LITERALLY DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SAY THAT IN ENGLISH IS THERE EVEN A THING THAT MEANS GANAS SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT HERE 

then we also visited our investigator who lost her fecha [baptismal date] but then who we got a new fecha and talked about the priesthood and offered to have some people come and give her a blessing of health because she has been feeling lots of pain in lots of places lately

and then we went and helped a member of the ward with some of her english homework and she was giving a presentation on a time she went to a dinosaur museum but we couldnt quite help her say dinosaur the way that it is supposed to be said and so she just says 'dan-o-sour' like she's from the south or something and it cracks me up every time

Wednesday: well, we taught an investigator that lives in our old building and we are looking to have a family home evening with her sometime... but the rest of our appointments fell through *exhaustedly sad emoticon*

Thursday: WE MOOOOOOOOOOVED WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO except that we didn't quite move... we moved all of our things over except for the big things and then suddenly it was very late and E' Vizcarra was like, 'we'll move the rest over tomorrow, you guys have to sleep in the old apartment again tonight' and it was a great inconvenience, but we managed. 

Friday: on Friday we had interviews with president! And I asked him if I could learn french and he said to go right ahead! WWWOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMMA LEARN FRENCH TAMBIÉN [as well]

also we moved the remainder of our things but we didn't and still don't have any way to do anything with our appliances... and

de hecho [in fact]

there are some things going on

the game is afoot

basically long story short, we got the gas hooked up and we working with the califon (I don't know what that is in English or anything) but anyway, so Hna Rhoads went to take a shower and the water was hot and eveything and it was good and then it turned off de repente [suddenly], so I went to go check it out and there waS SCARY BLACK SMOKE FILLING THE ROOM IT WAS LIKE WEIRD OIL SCARY SMOKE AND IT MADE THE WALLS BLEED AND IT WAS SO SCARY AND I WAS SO AFRAID SO WE CALLED E' VIZCARRA AND HE WAS LIKE 'okay i will look at it' BUT HE COULDNT COME UNTIL LATE AND THEN HE COULDNT COME AT ALL BUT THE DUEÑO [owner] AND OTHER PEOPLE SHOWED UP WITHOUT WARNING AND WERE DOING THINGS AND THEN SAID 'DO NOT SHOWER WHATEVER YOU DO OR YOU MIGHT EXPLODE' SO THAT 

so we have to find another apartment 

Saturday: Well, la copa america was on saturday! Happy 4th of July Chile! lolol okay yeah so that was fun and we had to be inside at 5:00 because of the game and then

geez louise and then

when we won in the PKs, there was celebrating all night

I wish I could explain

we live on a very busy street and there were people driving past honking and yelling and screaming LITERALLY UNTIL 6 AM






Even though they had to stay inside
they found a way to celebrate!

Sunday: we went to church and when the bishop bore his testimony, he started with talking about how happy he was that Chile won and it was just hilarious. Also, we have an Argentinian in our ward who served in our mission and came back after for work and school and we were very proud of him because he didn't say a thing about soccer in his testimony. Two thumbs up Argentina, two thumbs up. 

and yesterday? well, yesterday we worked and taught and worked and taught. and have I mentioned recently that nobody can say my name still?

Because nobody can say my name. People usually try for a second but they get tired of looking at my tag and I get tired of showing them my tag (because I'm so tall they can't see it) but they will always try first and usually it's something like 'Hermana Shorm' or just 'Hermana Ese' or 'Hermana Chomber' but yesterday there was a really rEALLY GREAT ONE

Yesterday somebody called me...

wait for it



just call me that from now on

soy hermana sherbert

But anyway. I don't even know what else I have to share. Maybe something, maybe nothing... I have a list of things that I keep in my planner to remind me of things to say, maybe i'll just give you that list now

1) we were sitting down taking a little break the other day and this dog came and sat by us and crossed his legs very dainty and we were eating chips and accidentally dropped one, so we tossed it over to him and he looked at us and so, like we do in our house when we narrate the dogs' thoughts, I said, 'I'm a dog, not a savage' in a British accent and then we laughed for days

2) I miss trail mix, breakfast, and beef jerky

3) I expect a lifesize cardboard cutout of myself at Andrew and Sarah's wedding

4) there is no chex in chile and where there isn't chex, there isn't puppy chow :(

that's it that's all i'm a boring person

now let me say something else that has more value

Well, my momma asked me what the most spiritually awakening moment is that I have had yet and honestly... I am not sure. To be one hundred percent honest, I am having to be spiritually uplifted (and by that I mean held up) every day lately. This sector is excruciatingly hard to work in. I don't really talk about it a lot, but the mission seriously is very hard and it is very hard to keep up my... animos... [encouragement] not sure how that translates either... but anyway, I have relied more on the Lord in the last 12 weeks than ever before in my life. Missionary work is a whole rollercoaster of ups and downs: ups when you get to teach lessons and feel the spirit and know what the investigators finally understand, downs when investigators drop you (like happened with one of our best investigators this week. She was the older one that we were teaching english and that told us right away that she wanted to be baptized). There's a constant mix of emotions, especially when it's hard. A mix between thinking that you're not doing a speck of good in the world but knowing that you are. I can't imagine what it must have felt like for the Savior to go about doing good and leading a perfect life only to have people spit and mock as he went along. 

Sometimes I get stuck thinking too much about myself and how hard this is, but I remembered something the other day. 

This is not my mission. 

I may be on a mission, but my mission is that of Jesus Christ. I don't have time to think about myself. I can't afford to let a single soul perish because of my own selfish thoughts. 

I have two names on my plaque: the name of my family and the name of Jesus Christ and for 18 months, that is who I am. I am Hermana Schomburg, a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ and I am on his mission, being his hands on the earth today. There is not a second to lose thinking about myself. 

So, as an answer to that question, I think the biggest spiritual awakening has been knowing that none of this is for me. And knowing that I can't do it alone. I know that Jesus Christ and God love me because I have made it this far and I am going to make it farther. I know because they have been my constant crutch throughout the last almost 4 months and that they aren't going to leave me. When we feel alone and without them, it is because we have left them, not the other way around. They love us SOOOO much; so much more than we could ever imagine. 

I know with all my heart that this gospel is true and I know that He lives. I know that He loves us. He loves every last one of us and He has a plan for us. I KNOW these things: it's not just a belief or a hope. I know that He loves us like I know that the sun gives us light, that the sky is blue: I know that He lives and I know that He loves us and I testify of those things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Well, that's all I have for today folks, see ya around next week!

Love and besitos [kisses] from Chile <3

-Hermana Sherbert

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