Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Is this the real life

is this just fantasy?

I{M IN CHILE AND I DON{T KNOW WHERE THE APOSTROPHE IS BUT HOLY CANNOLI THIS IS SO SUPER COOL THE FLIGHT HERE WAS EXCRUCIATING AND I WAS VERY UNHAPPY [Hermana Schomburg experiences claustrophobia] but now it is better. It is super humid and hot and I feel like I{m breathing in soup and I have a nametag and I am in Chile holy cannoli HOLY CANNOLI I couldn{t figure out how to use the at sign and it was terrible and this email almost didn{t happen but anyway I have zero time right now this is just to let you know that I am in fact alive and living and well and my companion hasn{t shown up yet; she was supposed to be on our flight but... she wasn{t... but anyway, sorry this is lame looking and on my screen everything is underlined in red but anyway I love you all very much and I am at the mission home and will talk to you later :) 

Hermana Schomburg

[This is Hermana Schomburg's mom - I will usually comment inside brackets with an italicized font. She does not have access to her blog, but I will post her weekly e-mails here as well as any other information she asks me to post.  If you have any questions about anything posted here, feel free to comment below or contact me at]

Breakfast before departure

Shopping for snacks - she didn't choose 'Mission Figlets' :)

Goofy siblings at the airport

Once nice photo for Mom

Good-byes are hard
Passing on the "B" brooch that belonged to her namesake great-grandma

Hugging on Poppi

Until we meet again...

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